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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This year Halloween was a lot warmer for us. Last year we were in Utah and had to go to a Mall to have a warm place for the kids to go "Trick or Treating". This year the kids were able to go to houses and I think it was more fun than dealing with the mad house of the mall. Anyway, Tanner was a Skeleton. He had so much fun going around with his little mask growling at everyone trying to get someone to get (or pretend to get) scared. Even now he trys....it is so cute

William was a Fireman......

Alexandra and Eysia wore their dresses from last year. They were princesses last year and this year they were vampire princesses.
Which really helped in the money part of things.
Well they all had fun and came home with enough candy to last a life time.


Colleen said...

Cute costumes! Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween! We ended up going to the San Antonio ward trunk-or-treat & had a lot of fun.

Wheat Family said...

AHHH! They are so big! Call me when you get a chance. We miss you! Give the kids a big kiss for me!