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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This year Halloween was a lot warmer for us. Last year we were in Utah and had to go to a Mall to have a warm place for the kids to go "Trick or Treating". This year the kids were able to go to houses and I think it was more fun than dealing with the mad house of the mall. Anyway, Tanner was a Skeleton. He had so much fun going around with his little mask growling at everyone trying to get someone to get (or pretend to get) scared. Even now he trys....it is so cute

William was a Fireman......

Alexandra and Eysia wore their dresses from last year. They were princesses last year and this year they were vampire princesses.
Which really helped in the money part of things.
Well they all had fun and came home with enough candy to last a life time.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Carpenter Update

K-I know it has been awhile since the last time I wrote. Things have been busy very busy. Since last time we have gone to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and have moved to California. Yep, that's right. We're back...The girls started school last Wednesday. The go from 9:05am to 3:10pm. They love it. Thank goodness. I would hate to have to force them everyday to get ready for school. I'm sure in a few months things will change and I WILL have to force them to go. For now, I will be glad things are running smooth in that category. I have pictures from Disneyland and Knotts. I will post them later. Right now we are staying at Scott's parents. As soon as we both get jobs we will be out and fast! If you know me or Scott you know what I mean. Until next time.....Bye....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Knew?!

Who knew that yard work would be so much fun? Not me, but the kids sure did think so! I sat on the sidelines and watched as the kids tried to help my dad mow the back yard this evening. It made the whole yard work thing go so much slower but dad and the kids enjoyed it. It was my job to get them all cleaned up once they were done. It is these fun memories they will all remember for years to come.

La Brea Tar pits Museum

Today we went to the Tar pits. My mom's paino student had mentioned to my mom that today the admission to the tar pits were FREE. I couldn't pass that up so off we were to the Museum. I had never been there before and I don't usually go to Museums that I have to pay for cause it's usually a hit or miss and I Hate paying for the miss's. I was very surprised. It was very interesting. The kids Loved it and it gave us something new to do. All the bones were really found in the Tar pits there. Not one bones used there were manufactured. I'm not one for Museum's but this one I kinda liked. But, don't tell anyone....K!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Fridge at GaGa's

It's Saturday and the kids are busy playing on the Webkins Website. The Fridge guy is supposed to be showing up between 1-4. He shows up at 3 which is pretty good for any repairman. He quickly looks at the leak in the Fridge and tells us what is wrong. He says the tubing is clogged and needs to be flushed. He said we could do it ourself or he can take it to the shop and charge us $150 to start. So, of course, we (well GaGa and PaPa) choose to do it. All and all pretty simple, RIGHT?! Wrong.......really wrong. 2 hrs later and it still was not done. It turned into a BIG project. The kids had fun though......they got to spray out the Fridge and Help dry it. They had a blast, but us adults got tired fast. Oh to be young again....well maybe not. Here are some pics that I was able to get.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cali Update

Okay, so we have been in Cali for a few weeks now and need to update my blog. So what if it seems I only get around to blogging once a month. Isen't that enough?! I know it's not but o'well that's just the way life is sometimes. Anyway, like I said we have been in cali for a few weeks now and we have had already had some fun. We stayed at Krista's for 2 nights.....that was a lot of fun. Our kids always seem as if not one day has gone by since the last time they saw each other. I am glad they ALL get along so well. While at Krista's we went to the beach and had a blast. We stayed with Scott's parents for a week and a few days until it ended not so nice! O'well that's the way life goes...I guess. While we were there the kids had fun playing in the sprinclers and playing with MoMo (the dog). We also got to go to Disneyland with Grandpa. He enjoys seeing the kids have fun even though it was hard on him. We love you Grandpa....thanks for taking us! It was a lot of fun. Now we are at GaGa and PaPa's. Tanner is so funny.....he CAN say GaGa....but he always seems to call her BaBa. We went out to dinner at Island's tonight. I guess that was a good update. We will have to see how long it takes for me to post again. I promise to try harder to get it done more often. O' and before I forget....I do have pics. My card on my camera just doesn't fit into the computer. I will have to figure something else out so you all can see my pics. That's it for now.....Bye....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We MADE it!

Yesterday we made the BIG trip to California. I got the kids up at 5 am and left the house at 5:30. I had hoped that they would go back to sleep in the car since the sun was not up yet. But, of course, the only one who did was Tanner. We got to Vegas at 10:30 Utah time. We stopped to stretch out legs and to get some lunch. We ended up staying there a little while longer than I had thought that we would. We were on our way again at 1:30 California time. We stopped for our last potty break at state line. Of course, Tanner had just fallen to sleep when we stopped. That made it a not so nice ride for a few hours. We all made it in one peice and that is all that matters, Right?!